2011 Finalists

The 2011 International Brand Master Award selection process proved to be a difficult one, with three finalists who demonstrated extraordinary achievements. We offer our sincere congratulations to all three of the finalists below for their outstanding work, distinguished achievements, and dedicated professionalism (in alphabetical order).

It is now up to you! Read each nominee’s supporting statement and review the links they have provided. Either use the form below or the Twitter buttons to vote. You can vote one per email per day using the form below or one vote per Twitter account per day using the Twitter buttons below. Voting ends at 6pm Eastern Time on Friday, February 17, 2012.

Claudia Jackson
Claudia Jackson
Exec. Director of Community
& Legislative Relations,
Del Mar College
Emma Leech
Emma Leech
Director of Communications
and Marketing,
University of Nottingham
Teri Lucie Thompson
Teri Lucie Thompson
VP for Marketing
and Media,
Purdue University

Claudia Jackson

Executive Director of Community and Legislative Relations, Del Mar College

Claudia JacksonIf creativity can be described as problem-solving in tough financial times, my brand marketing efforts in 2011 could illustrate Daniel H. Pink’s bestselling work, “A Whole New Mind—Why Right Brainers Will Rule the World.”

Celebrating Milestones: I chaired the College’s 75th Anniversary last year to highlight institutional accomplishments and celebrate the 750,000 people who have attended our college. The “sub-brand” opportunity produced new College graphics for the year. Our first Alumni Roundup recognizing 75 distinguished alums. Student competitions produced a 75th Anniversary Alma Mater and Anniversary Poster. Music faculty performed a 75th Anniversary Composition Symposium. I arranged Proclamations from Texas Legislators. Branded sock hops in the gym, flag football games, fun runs, time capsules, parade floats and bus wraps all added to the festivities. We celebrated the Texas Jazz Festival’s 50th year; a half-century after it began as a jam session in our student center. The Anniversary was featured on the cover of the regional telephone directory. The crescendo was producing a Spring Commencement Program that spotlighted events from our 75 years. Utilizing a campus-wide committee, each of these events was re-purposed from previous resources. The budget allocated for the 75th Anniversary was $0.

Building a BoldFuture: To build enrollment in a two-year commuter college with no dorms, the local community must grow. My branding efforts for 2011 continued work on the BoldFuture for the Coastal Bend community visioning initiative. A discussion with colleagues on my back patio concerning the lack of progress in the Texas Coastal Bend grew into a region-wide strategic long-range planning initiative utilizing the expertise of more than 300 community leaders. BoldFuture was built on independent research and incorporates the vision of more than 3,000 community members. As one of three founders of BoldFuture, I’m proud of the 264 individual initiatives adopted by the community to grow the region in the areas of economy, education, arts, entertainment, environmental sustainability, safety and health, regional planning and leadership.

Working with more than 75 Lead Partners—elected boards, councils, educational institutions, businesses, industry, nonprofit and faith-based organizations and volunteers—the region charted considerable progress on those issues and concerns uppermost in the minds of the community. The BoldFuture Vision Action Plan provides structure and resources for community prosperity. One year into our five-year timeline, BoldFuture announced that 70% of the individual actions in the plan were either completed or well underway!

Developing Resources: The brand marketing team I direct collaborated with DMC Development and Foundation managers to produce publications, media events, news stories and ancillary activities for our Come Home to Del Mar College event. The homecoming concert marked the deadline for Del Mar College’s first $1 million fund-raising challenge. As Grammy Award winning icon Dionne Warwick stood in the wings to sing her signature songs, the College Foundation announced a total $2.6 million in scholarship funds raised through the challenge. Ms. Warwick’s wonderful performance gave voice to what “Promises, Promises” can mean.

  1. Celebrating Milestones: http://www.issuu.com/delmarcollege/docs/may2011_commencement
  2. Building a BoldFuture: http://www.caller.com/news/2010/mar/07/getting-city-moving-again/
  3. Developing Resources: http://www.caller.com/news/2011/oct/01/del-mar-college-foundation-announce-26m-in-funds/

Emma Leech

Director of Marketing and Communications, University of Nottingham

Emma LeechThe transformation of marcomms at the University of Nottingham culminated in the team’s Times Higher Education Outstanding Marketing and Communications award in June 2011.

Impact prompted by brand redevelopment and the creation of a fully integrated international marcomms strategy was perceived by judges to have “changed public perceptions about the institution globally and supported a cultural sea change internally.”

As new Director, taking up post in September 2009, I’m proud to have built and developed one of the most creative, high performing teams in our sector within eighteen months of appointment.

In 2011, key deliverables included global brand framework implementation including parallel procurement, staff development and systems work; multi-award-winning campaign creation and delivery, increasing profit/market share and achieving targets significantly in excess of what was thought possible. Branding has focussed on visual and messaging convergence on and offline to maximise reach and impact and has delivered over £200k savings, despite being created within existing budgets. 2011 saw significant increases in recruitment across all campuses. Nottingham also became the third most popular university in the UK with undergraduates.

Working with our Campaign Office, we launched Impact – The Campaign for Nottingham, a £150m fundraising campaign. Deliverables included developing and producing campaign strategy and branding to complement University branding, creating an interactive campaign website featuring downloadable collateral and videos for almost forty projects and delivering social media, PR work, event promotion, exhibition materials, merchandise and internal graphics to help boost fundraising.

2011 saw us boost media coverage and PR impact for the second year running by more than 50% to over £3m advertising value equivalent per month. In two years coverage has tripled with ongoing five-fold and eight-fold increases in national and international coverage respectively. PR based brand building has been supported by online innovations including extending content management to China and Malaysia, rebranding over 30,000 web pages, building 97 sub-sites including an interactive research site with RSS news feeds and video profiles and launching a series of high impact blogs. UK firsts include QR codes linked to videos across all course areas in our UG prospectus (which won the 2011 Association of Commonwealth Universities Best Prospectus Award), the creation of video galleries and an online prospectus featuring downloadable course booklets, video profiles, teaching master class videos and more. Branding is supported by Connect, a new social media hub connecting our award-winning videos, and social media and digital channels.

In 2011, Nottingham experienced one of the fastest growth rates in UK HE in relation to the use and impact of its digital channels including a 295% jump in monthly active Facebook fans and a doubling of engagement levels, the launch of one of the UK’s first HE Foursquare sites, the creation of crow sourced Flickr galleries and an increase of 300% in iTunesU downloads with more than 600k downloads by the end of 2011 and 1.5million subscribers overall. YouTube usage also doubled and despite limited paid advertising our SEO work via organic search has helped us build solid international brand awareness in key markets.

External links to examples:

  1. http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/ugstudy/undergraduateprospectus.aspx
  2. http://europe.nxtbook.com/nxteu/tsl/THE_awards2011/index.php#/16
  3. http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/impactcampaign/impactcampaign.aspx

Teri Lucie Thompson

Vice President for Marketing and Media, Purdue University

Teri Lucie Thompson
Optimization is my personal buzz word for 2011-2012. Make things better. Move forward. Make a difference. Our Marketing &Media organization at Purdue has done just that–moving our strategic plan forward by building and enhancing Purdue’s reputation, driving demand, and providing a strong return for our marketing investment. We’re still a new organization, less than 3 years old, and I like to think of our lifespan in 3 phases: reorganization, differentiation, and optimization.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Moving into its 3rd year, our marketing dashboard is still a toddler, but the stories it tells about our new organization are impressive:

  • Media placements increased year over year
  • Facebook followers have increased every month since we launched the site in 2009
  • Twitter followers doubled in the last year
  • Recent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work increased search page rankings by over 250 places
  • Walk in, call in, click in traffic to our Visitor Information Center continues to increase

As marketers, we must understand our constituents; in an academic environment, one of our best tools of persuasion is data. No one can argue with data, be it a word cloud, trend lines or regression analysis. It reflects the voice of our stakeholders. Therefore, we consider the dashboard to be a powerful tool for decision-making, whether unit-level or institution-wide decisions. With the recent state of the economy, it is more critical than ever to know what activities work and should be repeated, and conversely, which ones do not work and should be eliminated or replaced. The dashboard has also proven to be fundamental in building solid business proposals for more funding and resource allocations.

“Listening=right message to the right recipient at the right time.” Our market research function continues to thrive and helps ensure that marketing materials, communications, and programs are grounded in the voice of the stakeholder. Listening to stakeholders helps ensure we don’t become house blind—that we don’t have a non-working pay telephone inside the front door of our visitor information center. (We did when I arrived here!) It also ensures buy in. We listened—really listened—to our stakeholders and dropped the reference to “Makers, All” in our tagline to address concerns that we’d ultimately shorten the beloved Boilermaker label to the abbreviated “Maker.” Now we make sure each advertising execution includes the word Boilermaker, and our tagline is simply, “What we make moves the world forward.” And, our research helps internal clients understand the most important role of marketing and media outreach is strategic—targeting the right recipients with the right message at the right time—rather than simply “look and feel” tools.

“Sharpen your saw.” This past year, I was blessed to complete my first book, “Tuning into Mom: Understanding America’s Most Powerful Consumer,” to accept an assignment to write a blog for Forbes, and to actively mentor a number of students through formal sponsorship and informal arrangements. These “extracurriculars” provide new inputs that keep me fresh and energized.

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