2013 Nominees

The following nominees (listed in alphabetical order by last name) have exemplified exceptional achievement in higher education brand management and have been recognized by peers and colleagues through their nomination for the 2013 International Brand Master Award. We congratulate all of the nominees for this well-deserved recognition, and for being a part of the International Brand Master Award competition. The judges will review supporting information supplied by the nominees. An announcement of the three finalists will be made on Monday February 3, 2014. Public voting of the three finalists will take place until Friday February 14, 2014, so be sure to check back and vote! The 2013 International Brand Master Award winner will be announced the week of February 24.

Jennifer Chesney

Associate Vice President of University Digital Strategy, University of Alberta

Jennifer leads the digital strategy for creating high-quality massive open online courses (MOOCs) for the University of Alberta (UofA). Our first MOOC, Dino 101, has 20,000+ students from around the world plus 450+ UofA students taking the course both for free, for credit, and for credit by proxy. Dino 101 takes the quality and rigor of MOOCs to a higher level, challenging all other universities to rise to the new bar that has been set. See http://uofa.ualberta.ca/dinosaurs/dino101.

Sarah Finstad

Director of Marketing & Communications, Regent College

Sarah has catapulted the Regent brand from stodgy & predictable to savvy & progressive. She kicked it off with a digital rebrand & launch of award-winning regent-college.edu—one of the first responsive sites in higher ed. The site visually mimics Regent’s dynamic architecture; introduces fresh, smart copy; and includes photos of real students. When unveiled students said: ‘Thank you…you’ve captured who we really are’ She’s also branched out to innovative digital story media.

Claire Holmes

Associate Vice Chancellor, Communications and Public Affairs, University of California, Berkeley

Claire has managed to free up resources and set the stage for a cohesive brand strategy for UC Berkeley. It is a very great institution that is also chaotic, decentralized, low on funds and stubbornly resistant to “corporate”—a.k.a. brand—influence. Claire has gained positive, enthusiastic and egalitarian support for widespread adoption of a clean branding initiative campus wide. See brand.berkeley.edu.

Michelle Hougland

Director of Marketing and Brand Management, Texas Tech University

Michelle embodies the qualifications of an International Brand Master. As the director of marketing and brand management, she is responsible for Texas Tech University’s entire brand, and understands how to use this brand on each necessary level of communications and marketing, whether it be for a department, or for marketing the entire university. Examples of projects Michelle has led: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/communications/awards.php.

Lucy Hutcheson

Webmaster, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Lucy completely overhauled the university Web site and mobile app, completely redefining the university brand. Lucy conducted research into consumer habits before utilizing her tremendous talent in redefining the online branding for our school  She is a passionate and amazingly talented person. She goes far above and beyond the call of duty, and she enthusiastically champions the university. Lucy helps other young marketers, and she devotes a great amount of time with our interns. She loves to help others improve.

Daniel Koffler

Founder, New Frontiers in Learning

Daniel created this business, and this brand–both which are in their infancy and growing–from nothing except experience and hard work. While a local entity at the moment, plans are underway for a regional–and ultimately, national–expansion. A big part of our growth to date has been Daniel’s leadership, specifically in the Marketing department. As the resident expert, he is relied on for his knowledge, eye for detail and persistence to touch as many people with the right message as possible.

Janusz Kozinski

Founding Dean of the Lassonde School of Engineering, York University

Janusz is the Founding Dean at Lassonde School of Engineering, introduced in 2013. He lead the way for breaking ground for a new building which was completed in 2015 ($250 million investment that has been called “most ambitious project in Canadian academia at the moment). More importantly, programs are being tailored to attract a new kind of engineering student which fits the branding/trademark of “Renaissance Engineer” perfectly (see “home of the Renaissance Engineer” website here: http://lassonde.yorku.ca/)

Dean Lorenz

Director, Marketing and Brand Strategy, Sheridan College

Dean Lorenz is a highly creative and immensely talented people-leader. He inspires innovative thinking in those who work with him, is generous in recognizing and building the skillsets of his team, and he sees through the eyes of a storyteller. Dean’s leadership of a highly creative and diverse digital marketing team has allowed us to lift Sheridan College’s new brand into one of Canadian (and international!) #PSE orbit! Our brand: http://ourbrand.sheridancollege.ca.

Seth Odell

Director of Interactive Marketing, Southern New Hampshire University

In 2013, under the direction of our CEO, Seth led a brand repositioning for SNHU, moving the university from being known for low-cost to being known for customer intimacy and support. This culminated with concepting, writing, and art directing “See Yourself Succeed” a first-of-its-kind integrated national advertising campaign supporting our online education offerings. Successfully repositioning our brand, SNHU saw record growth and was the fastest growing university in the country in 2013.

Rachel Reuben

Associate Vice President, Marketing Communications, Ithaca College

Rachel and her team have done a tremendous job in defining and refining the brand identity for Ithaca College over the past few years. Her leadership and expertise is evident in the efforts between 2010 and 2012 to launch a new brand identity for Ithaca College. See http://www.ithaca.edu/marcom/aboutready/ for more background.

Mike Sample

Vice President, Public Affairs and Government Relations, Indiana University

Mike has created a statewide branding organizational structure and process to make the entire system more effective and efficient in delivering the Indiana University brand. Simply put, it’s one of the best brand management system’s in the country. Furthermore, available are many brand assets to help communication shops across the organization.

Jason Scholte

U.S. Military & Veterans Program Director, Griffith University

Mr. Scholte has engaged a niche market opportunity for International Higher Education & Griffith University. Since his proposed strategy he has been able to create a massive interest in overseas study opportunities for US Veterans who want to study in Australia. From 2 US Veterans to 18 in less than a year, and now project an additional 30 for 2014. What is most revealing is these are not your traditional “study abroad” program seekers. These students are full degree seeking students.

John Veilleux

Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Texas Wesleyan University

Immediately on coming to the university in 2012, Veilleux began a multi-tiered campaign to define and shape’s Texas Wesleyan’s brand in the DFW marketplace. Through market research he developed a resonant, six-point message strategy and a total rebranding of the university’s academic and athletics image. The first-ever comprehensive brand campaign integrated TV, Web, Billboard, Internet Radio and YouTube and more. The campaign has raised perception, awareness and applications to the University.

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