2014 Web Trends

2013 was a great year for web development. Updated browsers that support HTML5, CSS3, and new animation features using HTML and Javascript instead of Flash now make it easier for developers to include a lot of great features that enhance the appeal of websites. The ability to easily use large, scalable images, background video, and moving elements as well as an ever-expanding library of fonts has opened up a new world of creative possibility.

To get a sense of what is on the horizon for 2014, we scoured the web to see what experts are saying about where web design is going and checked in on trend blogs by Colour Lovers,   Web AscenderDavid Lee King,  Luna Web,  and  Web Design Ledger.

The result is the following interactive infographic round up of  the 8 biggest web design trends emerging for 2014 (BTW interactive infographics are a trend). While these practices have been on the horizon for several years, 2014 will see them be expressed more predominately.

For ideas about how you can include these techniques on your site, click on the blocks below to see a live example of the trend and how college and universities are incorporating them into their websites. We’ve included sites designed by EMG for Old Dominion University and the Colorado Community College System, as well as sites designed by our client North Carolina State University, and several fun commercial sites.

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Ineke Caycedo

Vice President of Brand Development

Ineke has guided award-winning client visual identity development, testing, and brand implementations for more than 25 years. She is responsible for overall design approach and direction for dozens of well-known academic brand campaigns in the U.S. She specializes in developing a unique, attention-grabbing visual approach to bring to life each institution’s differentiating brand narrative. Ineke’s branded campaigns have an unerring record for resonance and motivational power among audiences, as demonstrated by EMG clients’ ability to consistently achieve ROI. She is a recognized expert in data-driven generational marketing, with expertise in shaping design, color, photography, texture, style, and tone to hit the sweet spot with each demographic and audience sector. Her creative guidance has led to enduring creative frameworks, unique branded imagery, and conversation-starting digital advertising campaigns, collateral, and websites for institutions across the U.S.

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