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EMG will be out in full force next week at the CASE VI Conference in Denver from January 11 – 13. Join us for a  roundtable discussion, both of our presentations and stop by our exhibitor booth.

Many of the EMG team will be around to discuss your branding needs in the exhibitor hall. Whether your college or university needs awareness and perception research, focus groups, a situational analysis, graphic design, logo or tagline, or advertising production and media buying, or you want to find out how to nominate someone for the International Brand Master Award, find our booth and we can chat.

Roundtable: Monday January 12 at 8:00AM in the Grand Ballroom
Title: The Brand Book is Dead … Now What?
Discussion Leaders: Bob Brock, President, Educational Marketing Group, Inc. and Marlene Brock, Executive Vice President, Educational Marketing Group, Inc.
Description: Brand guidelines – both online and print – have never really helped create brand consistency across decentralized organizations. The future of branding is all about giving people tools, not rules. Learn new ways to make powerful, consistent branding possible at long last.

Session 1: Monday January 12 at 9:15AM – 10:15AM in Gold Room.
Title: The Skeptics Handbook: Turning Marketing Doubters into Brand Disciples
Presenters: Malcolm Holmes, Director of University Marketing, University of Mary Washington and Marlene Brock, Executive Vice President, Educational Marketing Group, Inc.
Description: Turn cynics into supporters with a well-planned strategy through consistent internal communications and other key vehicles. Learn how the UMW marketing team demonstrated a significant return on investment by building campus-wide support.

Session 2: Monday January 12 at 10:45AM – 11:45AM in Tower Court B.
Title: Splitting Audiences Without a Split Brand Personality
Presenters: Giovanna Genard, Acting Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications, Old Dominion University Ineke Caycedo, Senior Brand Strategist, Educational Marketing Group, Inc.
Description: What happens when two dissimilar audiences in the same marketplace have divergent messaging needs and very different reactions to imagery, style and aesthetics? This is the story of how Old Dominion University linked and leveraged two high-profile brand campaigns to achieve outstanding results among different audiences in Hampton Roads. This session presents the strategies, internal support mechanisms and creative techniques that enabled two differentiated campaigns to work so well together.

Not only will EMG be at the conference, but our sister company, Brand Sprokit will also have a booth there. Stop, chat, and setup a free trial. Find out how you can revolutionize the way you manage the look and feel of print materials across your campus.

Stop by and say hi!

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