Author: Angela Brennan

Marketing Management Specialist

Angela Brennan is EMG's Marketing Management Analyst. She provides services in accounting, financial issues, analytics, and technical support. She had more than seven years of experience in the accounting field while working for a Fortune 500 electronic and computer distributor. Her background includes accounts payable, cost-benefit analysis, and compensation. During that time, she was also responsible for networking, creating and maintaining databases, data analysis, and computer software design and testing.

Monitoring Your Website?

Websites are essential for your organization and your brand, and not providing a good user experience could lower your credibility. Improve your website by monitoring and segmenting your traffic and conducting a content audit.

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Get Tested

Online ads are amazing for driving traffic to your site. But if you don’t have targeted landing pages, you’re wasting your money because people are inherently lazy. Better ads and landing pages convert more traffic, thus increasing ROI. And the only way to improve is to test.

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Shift Happens. Deal With It

Demographic and environmental marketplace shifts happen. It is not always easy to grasp and figure out how this impacts your institution, so here is a starting point of current trends to watch. And after the data has been analyzed, we go into how to adjust your goals, strategies and tactics.

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Type A’s and To-Do Lists

Type A personalities are considered overachievers, perfectionists, organized, ambitious, competitive, and obsessed with time management. And if you are someone with a Type A personality, I say, “Embrace those qualities!” And what better way to embrace your Type A personality then with a digital to-do list!

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4 Tips for Building Buy-in for Web Redesign

Building internal buy-in during website redesign can ensure lots of support and cooperation down the road. But there is a right way to build consensus…and a wrong way. Make the wrong choices with your web advisory committee, for example, and you just might end up with a camel instead of a horse!

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5 Data Trends to Know

Market research is about understanding your customers, how to meet their needs, identifying issues, and uncovering opportunities. Research is essential in developing effective marketing strategies and tactics. Here are five critical trends that are impacting your institution’s ability to achieve its strategic goals.

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