Author: Bob Brock


Brand analyst, commentator, and advisor. I love the blog platform and I’m an avid reader. Delighted by wildly diverse subjects and strong worldviews, with a point of view tempered by 35 years in marketing and branding. A believer in family, hard work, ideas, straight-up honesty, and single malts. A friend to all communicators and all pugs.

For-profit Ad Spending Tanks, Non-profits Grow

Advertising investments by U.S. higher education are undergoing dramatic change. While for-profit colleges are showing a dramatic downturn in ad buys, spending by non-profits continue to surge. The result is an unexpected parity of marketing efforts.

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Non-Profit Ad Spending Now Equals the For-Profit Sector

Colleges and universities are investing in paid advertising at an unprecedented pace. And 2013 marked the first time that spending by non-profit colleges and universities equaled that of the for-profit educational sector. Read more…

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College Advertising Growth Spurt

College and university advertising continued to grow through September of this year, putting higher ed ad spending on track for a new high. An increasing number of non-profits – public and private – have been using paid media as a go-to strategy to enhance awareness and image.

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How Much Do You Spend on Advertising?

Competition is increasing and, as you know, it is important to review higher ed advertising investment. For example, find out where colleges and universities spent $570.5 million worth of paid advertising in the U.S. in the first half of 2013. Take a peek.

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Staff of the Future

Careful, there may be a dinosaur stalking your marketing unit! If the way you’ve structured work flow and staff is behind the times, it’s a sure bet you’re not being as effective as you need to be in today’s digital content-driven environment. Take a look at the marketing staff of the future…

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