Author: Bob Brock


Brand analyst, commentator, and advisor. I love the blog platform and I’m an avid reader. Delighted by wildly diverse subjects and strong worldviews, with a point of view tempered by 35 years in marketing and branding. A believer in family, hard work, ideas, straight-up honesty, and single malts. A friend to all communicators and all pugs.

What Goes Around… Comes Around

We all know the economy has had its ups and downs. So have many more issues that effect higher education, especially in higher ed marketing. Lately, we have seen a renewed interest in marketing from colleges across the country. There are several reasons behind this shift and what you should do if you are jumping in, or jumping back in, to increase your market efforts.

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A Bridge Over Troubled Silos

We’ve been going about this silo thing all wrong. Everyone says, “It’s terrible that we all work in silos here! We need to break silos down!” So for years we’ve battered the ramparts and stormed the walls, with no results – silos are stronger than ever. So now I say, “Hoo-rah for silos! Keep ’em strong!”

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Mark Cuban and College Meltdowns

A lot of pundits have put their two cents in regarding the “higher education bubble” and the possibility of an imminent meltdown. Most recent is a controversial blog by high profile “shark” Mark Cuban, who says that the college meltdown can’t come soon enough for him!

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Moneyball Marketing

Moneyball Marketing – It’s the way that any institution with limited staff and resources can compete in a highly competitive marketplace – and win – by modelling their marketing strategies according the tenets of the ball club that revolutionized the way major league baseball teams play the game.

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Seismic Change in Consumer Behavior

Don’t look now, but your prospects aren’t who they used to be. They may not look so different at first, but they don’t think the same, act the same, or make decisions the way they used to. What’s going on? Who are these people?

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Lifespan of a Brand

A brand grows stronger over time. The longer your brand campaign is in play, the more it leverages commitment and equity. Provided, of course, it stays resonant and relevant. Some thoughts on the lifespan of a brand, and how to revitalize it when the time comes…

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