Author: Colleen McCormack

Marketing Coordinator and Social Media Specialist

I graduated from Quincy University, in Ilinois with a degree in Communications-Broadcasting. I have lots of experience with both video and news production which adds to my expertise in social media. I love live theater, cats, and the State of Colorado. Let me know what kind of topics you want to hear about!

Social Media for Graduate Prospects

You feel like you’ve tried everything to reach graduate prospects. But have you checked into your social media strategy? It could be time for an update. Check out the following tactics for the inside scoop!

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2016 International Brand Master

Kim Lawrence, Associate Vice-President of Marketing at the University of Calgary, transformed an institution with little existing marketing history into a highly competitive brand, winning the ultimate international brand-marketing competition. Congratulations Ms. Lawrence! Leave a note of congratulations.

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Social Media to Reach Gen Z

Social Media is important. You know this, but your time and resources are precious. For traditional prospects, you may need to think outside the box. Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube could yield better results than others.

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Mannequin Challenge & Viral Fads

We see them and love them. Viral fads are an important aspect of today’s marketing environment. Learn how to correctly implement them into your brand strategy by following these best practices.

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NCMPR Webinar & AMA Conference

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn from EMG’s expert in digital marketing next month, during the NCMPR Webinar: There’s an App for That!; Mobile Advertising. Also, we will see you at American Marketing Association’s Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education in December.

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Brands Don’t Get a Summer Break

Despite the time of year, the focus on university campus is still academic. And yet, many marketing campaigns for summer courses look like campuses are offering vacation activities. The unique graphics approach that departs greatly from the college’s brand approach during the rest of the year, suggests that summer classes are a unique event rather than a part of the institutions year-round academic offerings. In effect, creating a gap in the brand.

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