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While we have our main EMG bloggers – Bob, Ineke, Travis, Kelly, and Sam – there are many others, at EMG and outside EMG, who will occasionally share their thoughts on higher education marketing: issues, brand strategy, marketing tactics, social networking and everything in between as it relates to higher education.

Do you have a great recent marketing example? Has your college or university done some awesome branding? Come up with a creative idea for your audience to become immersed in the brand experience? Or do you want to share your thoughts on higher education marketing or any other related topic? If you are interested, send a message to Travis at

Alice in Wonderland and the Art of Staying Nimble (Guest)

Social media is one piece of how almost every communications department tells their stories nowadays. Is the story you tell on social media as good as the classic Alice in Wonderland? Here is some social media storytelling inspiration from guest blogger, Becca Ramspott of Frostburg State University.

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Have What it Takes to ‘Take Over’ Twitter? (Guest)

Every week, a new George Mason University Patriot—student, faculty, staff, alumni— tweets from the @GeorgeMasonU Twitter account. It’s called The Mason Nation Project. Guest blogger Beth Pullias explains how the initiative came about, rules curators must abide by, results, and more.

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Boiling Your Social Media Marketing Down Into One Pot (Guest)

Busy creating content and don’t have so much time to post the content in all of the numerous social media platforms that are out there? Here are some tools that pull the platforms together for easy posting.

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The University Debt Crisis: It’s Not Just Students Facing a Financial Headache (Guest)

Universities have been spending like students in a bar who think a Rockefeller will pick up the tab. How are they are paying for all this? Undoubtedly many of the bigger universities use endowment earnings and alumni donations to cover at least some of the costs, but for the most part, these veritable spending sprees are funded by tuition fees. Also, it is clearly unsustainable for tuition fees to continue to rise faster than the student’s ability to pay them. Universities need to act and they need to act now.

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Mobile Game Showcases UIC and Curriculum (Guest)

How does a university stand out from the thousands of colleges casting about for prospective students? More to the point, how can you paint a coat of coolness and relevance on a university better known for meat-and-potatoes education than after-hours frivolity? Find out how the University of Illinois at Chicago attempts to answer these questions with its new Hoops of Fire mobile app game.

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