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While we have our main EMG bloggers – Bob, Ineke, Travis, Kelly, and Sam – there are many others, at EMG and outside EMG, who will occasionally share their thoughts on higher education marketing: issues, brand strategy, marketing tactics, social networking and everything in between as it relates to higher education.

Do you have a great recent marketing example? Has your college or university done some awesome branding? Come up with a creative idea for your audience to become immersed in the brand experience? Or do you want to share your thoughts on higher education marketing or any other related topic? If you are interested, send a message to Travis at

Connecticut College Captures a Student Minute (Guest)

Current students show prospective students a glimpse of college life – an excellent concept for “A Student Minute” – a video contest recently conducted by Connecticut College. After all was said and done, they reached more than just their intended audience. Helpful tips and inspiration for colleagues are also provided.

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Higher Ed and Crisis Communications: Be Prepared

Chris Syme owns a successful consulting business in Bozeman, Montana–CK–specializing in reputation and crisis, social media, and media training. Chris is the current chairman of the CoSIDA (College Sports Information Directors of America) New Media/Technology committee. She is a former Communications Associate at Montana State University Athletics and Eastern Washington University. In a survey … Continue reading Higher Ed and Crisis Communications: Be Prepared

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What Higher Ed Can Learn from Occupy Wall Street

What would make anyone, especially from a college, think that those hippie hooligans who are occupying cities nationwide would have anything to contribute to higher education marketing? A guest blog from Kara Kane, Director of Communications at Medaille College.

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KB Faculty Chat: Patrick Powers and Facebook Pages

This is the fourth in a series of blogs or videos designed to help you learn more about the faculty members and topics of upcoming KnowledgeBuilders. Today’s Q&A video is with Patrick Powers, Director of Digital Marketing and Communications at Webster University.

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KB Faculty Chat: Cecelia Crow & Brand Ambassadors

This is the second in a series of blogs to allow you to get to know more about the faculty members and topics of upcoming KnowledgeBuilders. Today’s Q&A blog is with Cecelia Crow, Brand Marketing Manager at Virginia Tech. She will be leading “Creating Brand Ambassadors With a Certification Program.”

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KB Faculty Chat: Georgy Cohen Reinvents News Sites

As many know, we have an amazing new fall schedule of KnowledgeBuilders coming up. I wanted to give everyone a chance to hear more about the topics from those who are leading the KnowledgeBuilders. Today’s Q&A blog is with Georgy Cohen, Manager of Web Content & Strategy of Tufts University.

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