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While we have our main EMG bloggers – Bob, Ineke, Travis, Kelly, and Sam – there are many others, at EMG and outside EMG, who will occasionally share their thoughts on higher education marketing: issues, brand strategy, marketing tactics, social networking and everything in between as it relates to higher education.

Do you have a great recent marketing example? Has your college or university done some awesome branding? Come up with a creative idea for your audience to become immersed in the brand experience? Or do you want to share your thoughts on higher education marketing or any other related topic? If you are interested, send a message to Travis at

What’s Your Brand Sound

My friends and I often play a version of “Name that Tune” while waiting in line at the movie theater or on a road trip.  The specific rules of our game center around coming up with the tunes of obscure commercial jingles and television shows and trying to get the others to guess what show … Continue reading What’s Your Brand Sound

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Tag, You’re It!

You’ve seen them. The tiny icons at the bottom of a blog, video, or news article prompting you to share what you’ve just seen or read with your friends. It’s called social bookmarking and it allows internet users to “tag” people, websites, blogs, photos, videos, audio clips, and other online content they find interesting.  To … Continue reading Tag, You’re It!

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Social Networking and the Awkward Turtle

My wife and I were watching television, while my millennial son was multi-tasking and doing his homework on the floor.  I know… in our world watching TV and doing homework were two diametrically opposed activities, but he’s top of his class… so something’s working. Anyway, a ribald reference passed by on the tube and my … Continue reading Social Networking and the Awkward Turtle

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Shiny Objects

Going around the country, I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding when to use new tech such as Second Life, Twitter, and whatever. One of the smartest takes on this I’ve seen comes from Steve Rubel’s blog Micropersuasion where he introduces the term SOS or “Shiny Object Syndrome”.  As Steve puts it, SOS is … Continue reading Shiny Objects

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