Author: Ineke Caycedo

Vice President of Brand Development

Ineke has guided award-winning client visual identity development, testing, and brand implementations for more than 25 years. She is responsible for overall design approach and direction for dozens of well-known academic brand campaigns in the U.S. She specializes in developing a unique, attention-grabbing visual approach to bring to life each institution’s differentiating brand narrative. Ineke’s branded campaigns have an unerring record for resonance and motivational power among audiences, as demonstrated by EMG clients’ ability to consistently achieve ROI. She is a recognized expert in data-driven generational marketing, with expertise in shaping design, color, photography, texture, style, and tone to hit the sweet spot with each demographic and audience sector. Her creative guidance has led to enduring creative frameworks, unique branded imagery, and conversation-starting digital advertising campaigns, collateral, and websites for institutions across the U.S.

2014 Web Trends

It’s that time of year, time for reflection and to look forward. In keeping with the season, we looked back on our own and other’s experiences with web design over the past year and followed along as the experts took out their virtual crystal balls to glance at the web in the coming year. We can say we’re excited by what they see and what we see. We hope you are too!

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How is Education like Vacation?

For weeks, our thoughts just keep returning to…vacation! Beach or mountains? Cruise or sightseeing? What excitement awaits? And while we’ve been exploring websites and making plans, it occurred to us: There’s a crucial lesson that higher ed can learn from how vacation experiences are presented on the web…

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Is Your CRM on Brand?

Customer relations management tools are all the rage in admissions… and for good reason. They can make a huge difference in turning prospects into enrolled students. To live up to their potential, however, they need to effectively engage prospects by drawing them into the heart and soul of the brand? Is your CRM doing an effective job?

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The V Factor

Video is the fastest growing, most impactful tool online. That statistics show that, from consuming information to evaluating purchasing decisions, video draws out site visits and drives purchases. If you don’t have a strategy to increase video in your web presence, you are at a distinct disadvantage.

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Take a Scroll

In web design, there’s a commonly held belief that web content that falls below the height of a user’s screen or, to use an old newspaper term, below the fold, is lost on site visitors because they are averse to scrolling. And it is true. Users were loath to scroll….in 1994.

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