Author: Ineke Caycedo

Vice President of Brand Development

Ineke has guided award-winning client visual identity development, testing, and brand implementations for more than 25 years. She is responsible for overall design approach and direction for dozens of well-known academic brand campaigns in the U.S. She specializes in developing a unique, attention-grabbing visual approach to bring to life each institution’s differentiating brand narrative. Ineke’s branded campaigns have an unerring record for resonance and motivational power among audiences, as demonstrated by EMG clients’ ability to consistently achieve ROI. She is a recognized expert in data-driven generational marketing, with expertise in shaping design, color, photography, texture, style, and tone to hit the sweet spot with each demographic and audience sector. Her creative guidance has led to enduring creative frameworks, unique branded imagery, and conversation-starting digital advertising campaigns, collateral, and websites for institutions across the U.S.

Facebook Timeline for Pages a Good Thing

What began as a trickle of rumors that Facebook would release a version of its Timeline feature for Pages is now a virtual flood. In fact, many Facebook watchers are predicting an announcement by the social network on February 29 at its first-ever conference for marketers. With the certainty of Timeline for Pages being, well, … Continue reading Facebook Timeline for Pages a Good Thing

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CAMPUS BLOGS: How MarCom Can Increase Readability

College presidents, students, deans, faculty, and staff are all getting in on the fun when it comes to creating blog content for the internet. This is wonderful news. All this effort to write new insightful stories. Make sure you know how to get eyes on this content.

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Think Micro

Are microsites effective in building audience interest and engagement? The answer is… YES! They can be extremely effective in grabbing attention and motivating targeted audience segments. Building a microsite with a singular focus is one of the best ways to spur action from your high-priority audiences.

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KB Faculty Chat: Caycedo, Brennan and Web Writing

Today’s Q&A blog is with Ineke Caycedo, Senior Brand Strategist, and Angela Brennan, Marketing Management Analyst at Educational Marketing Group. They have answered several questions so you can get to know more about them and their KnowledgeBuilder on “Fundamentals of Great Web Writing.”

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Put It On Film!

Online video continues to increase exponentially in value for higher ed. More universities are upping both the production value and the quantity of their video content. From basic student features to athletic raps, no subject matter seems to be off limits. And that’s makes for a trend that’s incredibly exciting.

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