Author: Kelly Giles

Integrated Marketing Specialist

I appreciate new marketing concepts - those ideas that push the envelope of “how we can say what we say.” I stay on top of social media trends and love blogs, buzz marketing, red wine, dystopian novels, and skiing. I’m certified in Google Adwords, and a large part of my work is in digital advertising. Traditional marketing can often pair with digital to achieve great results, so you’ll see me write about it all. If there’s something on your mind that you’d like to read more of, let me know!

Give Them Content: Part Two

Repurposing original content across multiple platforms, such as various social media sites, can be an efficient and effective use of resources. To maximize your impact, adapt the content’s presentation to each individual audience.

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Give Them Content: Part One

Content marketing can be incredibly useful for colleges and universities. Providing a target with valuable information helps to connect with them, and these tips will help you get started.

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More Than Brains

The phrase, “rising from the ashes” is typically used in phoenix mythology. The University of Phoenix is embracing its name with a goal of rising form the ashes of negative public perceptions.

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Feelings, Unlimited

How do you connect with massive amounts of people at once? A shared cause will do the trick. Campaigns featuring the promotion of social issues that spark emotions are on the rise. They have a unique ability to create an emotional connection with a brand’s target market.

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