Author: Sam Sullivan

With color, typography and crafting on the brain, I am a creative problem solver working to design the freshest campaign and marketing materials. I enjoy watching a brand experience success though intriguing and innovative marketing strategies; don’t we all? Growing up, my dream career was a Commercial Analyzer, where my job would be to determine the effectiveness of a T.V. commercial. My career goals have changed since but I still enjoy a good commercial so if you’ve seen one worthwhile, let me know!

What Does the Font Say?

Institutions don’t have a sound in the same sense as an animal, but they should have a voice. A well-selected font plays a key role in representing aspects of the brand voice. Just like color, imagery, and graphic styles, typography is essential in conveying the brand persona.

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Stock Photography Survival Guide

This survival guide will take you from “getting-by” to finding great success with stock photography. Follow these four strategic tips for using stock photos in an effective, brand-oriented, and creative way. Plus, take a quick look at some of our favorite stock photo sources!

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The Legacy of Boaty McBoatface

The expected outcome of a competition is, obviously, the best person or idea, but what happens when your contest gets hijacked by those who don’t care for the best outcome? This escalates when the outcome is meant to reinforce a brand and persona with meaningful purpose.

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Bring in the Brand Photography

Compelling photography is a powerful way to tell your brand story and to highlight its strengths and differentiation. Through custom photography or stock imagery, be sure to craft branded images which can elevate your brand to the next level, connect you to your audience and shape your brand’s personality.

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Leading Edge

Marketing to the next generation is not the same as marketing to millennials. Gen z or Generation Edge has a new outlook on everything and needs to be marketed to in new and exciting ways.

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