Author: Stephen Biernacki

Account Coordinator & Social Media Specialist

Throwing around new ideas is fun. What’s even more fun? Taking a look at thoughtful ideas that have been executed well and brainstorming how they could be useful to you or your institution. While I don’t want to paint myself into a corner, that’s typically the point of view I find myself speaking from in my blog posts.

I enjoy focusing mostly on the tech/social side of things, as I love to stay up to date on the newest social tools, which are constantly being introduced. There’s a hearty amount of awesome people creating awesome things out there. I’m not going to lie, keeping up can get a little overwhelming at times, but blogging on services and other topics here at the Brand Manager’s Notebook helps me deal with the overload. So a big thank you to my readers for providing me with a little therapy!

Oh, right, the more bio-like info: I’ve been working with EMG for over 6 years now and to think about how much I’ve learned about marketing, advertising, and higher education over that time is pretty incredible. As always, thank you for your continued interest in my and EMG’s blog posts!

Beyond Paid Advertising on Spotify

There are a few alternative ways to try and take advantage of Spotify from a college and university perspective besides utilizing paid advertising. Have a marching band? Put up some of your college or university’s music! Brand profile pages could be on the horizon, as well.

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Filtering Brands, Trends… Anything!

Rather is a relatively new service that allows users of Google Chrome to filter organic and paid content from their Facebook and Twitter feeds. Colleges and universities need to be aware because one off-strategy campaign that irritates users could have a lasting effect on their brand.

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CCCS: Zero To Impact

Starting from zero isn’t always easy when it comes to building a social media presence, but it can be done. And we are talking from experience. That is exactly what happened when Colorado Community College System and Educational Marketing Group (EMG) began to work together. All done to raise top-of-mind awareness and perceptions of quality of the 13 system colleges. Find out how we went from zero to impact.

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Pandora and Spotify: What Advertisers Need To Know

Pandora and Spotify are two advertising platforms higher education marketers need to be taking seriously. With options for audio, display, and in Spotify’s case even more, they are optimal services to target young undergraduate or graduate/professional prospects with unavoidable brand messages.

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Brand-To-Fan Interaction… By the Fan

FanzLive is a “skinnable,” community-building app that colleges and universities can take advantage of who are trying to target their alumni and athletics audiences. Discover its features, customization options, and more in this post.

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