Author: Travis Brock

Director of Business Development

I have more than 11 years of marketing, communications, and research experience in the higher education arena. I am the primary editor of the blog. I enjoy learning about new marketing tactics and chatting about them with others. If it includes social media, technology, geocaching, flash mobs, integration of old and new tactics, video, etc and how to implement them… I’m all ears or should I say, I’m all blogs. Interests you may also see shine through in my blogs could include being creative, swimming, eating food, and watching TV. I also attempt to look deeply and critically in to as well as push myself to discuss many new and different topics. And if I can’t push myself, feel free to give me a nudge with your thoughts on what to write.

Three Outstanding Finalists

Extraordinary branding professionals from University of Calgary, Ohio Wesleyan University, and University of Cambridge make up the finalists for the 8th Annual International Brand Master Award. Read more about each of these amazing professionals and the brands they represent. Vote for the next International Brand Master.

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8th Annual Award Nominees

Super Bowl 51 has come and gone! Many were disappointed by the Patriots comeback in the last half of the game. However, the most prestigious competition in education brand marketing won’t disappoint. There are ten outstanding nominees for the 8th Annual International Brand Master Award.

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Share your 2016 #EDUholidays

Hang the greens, light the campus Menorah, get the Santa hat on your leadership, wrap the mascot, light the fireworks and let’s get in the holiday spirit! If your school, college, or university created a video or greeting of some kind for any or all of the holidays in between and including Thanksgiving 2016 and New Years 2017, we want to see it!

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Now Accepting Nominations

It’s baaaack for its eighth year! Do you know someone worthy of the most prestigious award in education branding? Do you know someone who has achieved awesome things in education branding this year? How about someone who has much to celebrate in branding their university, college, or school? Have you nominated them yet for the 2016 International Brand Master Award?

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The Fight for Critical Thinking

Political correctness has taken over. Parents have guarded us. The internet has socially validated us. Many cultural behaviors have given rise to a lack of idea exploration. Higher ed is starting to take notice and provide pushback to the intrusion into academic freedom and critical thinking.

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Deadpool Syndrome

Every once and awhile there is a unique concept that breaks the mold. Everyone loves it and it gains notoriety and success. Those in the business tend to want to copy the concept and ride the coattails for hopes of similar success. Shiny object syndrome strikes again! Deadpool provides a necessary reminder that not all shiny should be chased.

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