Shiny Objects

Going around the country, I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding when to use new tech such as Second Life, Twitter, and whatever. One of the smartest takes on this I’ve seen comes from Steve Rubel’s blog Micropersuasion where he introduces the term SOS or “Shiny Object Syndrome”.  As Steve puts it, SOS is … Continue reading Shiny Objects

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I hope conversations about staffing needs in marketing come up a lot during the conference! Staffing has always been a hot topic, but the exploding demands of new media make it a critical conversation now. And I don’t think we in higher ed marketing have made a convincing case to leadership about the need for … Continue reading Staffing

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Fresh Strategies for a New Age of Marketing

Not since the advent of mass marketing in the mid 19th Century and the advent of television commercials in the mid 20th Century has the world of marketing communications changed as much as it has today. Web-based and electronic communications, social networks, viral advertising, user-defined marketing….for professional marketers the landscape is quickly, and radically changing. … Continue reading Fresh Strategies for a New Age of Marketing

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