Tag: Advertising trends

College Advertising Growth Spurt

College and university advertising continued to grow through September of this year, putting higher ed ad spending on track for a new high. An increasing number of non-profits – public and private – have been using paid media as a go-to strategy to enhance awareness and image.

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Why You Should Target Retargeting

Is retargeting part of your online advertising strategy? Simply put, retargeting refers to serving ads with tailored messaging to users who have already visited your website, and it’s common for retargeted ads to receive higher ROI compared to traditional display advertising. May be time to take another look.

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Depression Chic

An interesting – and hot – trend in advertising, fashion, and society itself today is “Depression Chic.” The fashion aspect of it reminds me of Mugatu’s Derelicte campaign from Zoolander (Great snow day rental, if you haven’t seen it. May be an extreme comparison, but it’s the first thing we thought of.) In terms of … Continue reading Depression Chic

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