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Beyond the Brand Buzz – Building a Certified Brand Ambassador Program (Guest Blog)

How long can you carry on the on-campus momentum after a successful brand launch? When the on-campus buzz begins to soften, communicators return their focus to accomplishing their unit goals, often with brand as an afterthought. But the university brand manager is left to keep the flame burning. The overall goal for building and maintaining a brand program is to reinvigorate the brand when it reaches the maintenance stage…

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You Can’t Brand Without It…

In retail marketing, effectively positioning a new product can be done unilaterally and seamlessly by the marketing team, with a glitzy marketing campaign rolled out to the marketplace quickly and efficiently. But higher education is different. We have a history of involving faculty in decision-making. At many institutions, this protocol extends to making sure staff, … Continue reading You Can’t Brand Without It…

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A Time to Acknowledge Hard Work and Give Thanks

With holidays coming up, I know many people are thinking of turkey, holiday parades, family, football, and pumpkin pie. I know I am! So I will keep this quick and to the point. But this is important, as it is not too often we have a chance to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of … Continue reading A Time to Acknowledge Hard Work and Give Thanks

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