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Leading Edge

Marketing to the next generation is not the same as marketing to millennials. Gen z or Generation Edge has a new outlook on everything and needs to be marketed to in new and exciting ways.

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The Greatest Generation Starts to Retire

For the last couple of years, news has endlessly been leaking out about the number of people who will be leaving the workforce over the next several years. Since the beginning of 2011, that news has picked up. According to the article, "The Baby Boomers Turn 65" in US News and World Report  "The first … Continue reading The Greatest Generation Starts to Retire

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The Power of Personalization

I received several emails from Google this morning on behalf of our clients who advertise using Google AdWords. In celebration of AdWords’ 10-year anniversary, Google is extending thanks to their advertisers by sending an email linking to personalized videos, and offering the opportunity to upload their own story via text, video, or photo. Their customized … Continue reading The Power of Personalization

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