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Favorite Brands in Social Media

Which large corporation do you feel does the best job at using social media to communicate its brand? That was last week’s question. Some of our readers picked the businesses in the predetermined list of choices and some wrote in their own responses. Overall, it was fairly evenly split between 7 companies. Twenty two percent … Continue reading Favorite Brands in Social Media

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The New and the Innovative

The last couple of months in random newspapers (yeah, I sometimes still read the hardcopy version of the newspaper) and in various people’s Tweets, and in online news, I have been seeing an awful lot of some new and innovative products. Disclaimer – EMG does not endorse these products, I just wanted to share some … Continue reading The New and the Innovative

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April Fools!!!

I love April Fool’s Day.  I love to play pranks on people. There are some corporations that have been known to try to play some jokes on the general public – some good, some bad, and some ugly. The pranks help illustrate that the company has a fun side and are often created in or … Continue reading April Fools!!!

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