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The Lowdown On In-App Advertising

We live in an app world, and like it or not, in-app ads are a part of that. But just because it’s an ad in an app doesn’t mean it has to be annoying. Creative and technically proficient marketers are finding ways to create interactive experiences that consumers want to engage with.

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Mobile Game Showcases UIC and Curriculum (Guest)

How does a university stand out from the thousands of colleges casting about for prospective students? More to the point, how can you paint a coat of coolness and relevance on a university better known for meat-and-potatoes education than after-hours frivolity? Find out how the University of Illinois at Chicago attempts to answer these questions with its new Hoops of Fire mobile app game.

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EFFECTIVE MOBILITY: Build Apps with Staying Power

I was reading through Mashable’s daily Tweets and the link to this headline caught my attention HOW TO: Develop iPhone Apps With Staying Power. As an iPhone owner I go through a lot of apps. They occupy valuable real estate on my screen and take up precious space on the hard drive. I find myself … Continue reading EFFECTIVE MOBILITY: Build Apps with Staying Power

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