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What Does the Font Say?

Institutions don’t have a sound in the same sense as an animal, but they should have a voice. A well-selected font plays a key role in representing aspects of the brand voice. Just like color, imagery, and graphic styles, typography is essential in conveying the brand persona.

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A Better Reality

Marketing campaigns that fail to take off and fly often nosedive because of uninspired or poorly executed photography. It’s hard for a writer to admit, but images can inspire, invigorate, intrigue, and communicate so much more and faster than words can. Face it, editors, it’s a visual world, more so every day. Here are some … Continue reading A Better Reality

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Branding a Schizophrenic

Funny how many colleges say they’re creating a “brand” that’s aimed at student prospects. Hmmm…what about alumni? And donors, influencers, business leaders, friends, partners, and the public? Can you convey different “brands” to different audiences? Sure, if you’re schizophrenic. When you look and sound different to different audiences, you don’t really have a brand. More like a … Continue reading Branding a Schizophrenic

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