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Brands promise to provide certain quality of products and services and expectations. Dion’s, a popular pizza chain in New Mexico, had to temporarily stop production of its famous dressings. Thus, throwing many in New Mexico into a temporary state of disbelief. See what happens when they can’t deliver what loyal fans have come to expect and why it is important for brands to learn from them.

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An Epic Brand Promise

Lately it seems like big companies who have recently evolved their creative elements have been coming under a lot of scrutiny lately. Starbuck’s and Gap’s logo changes top the recent list of criticism. While the creative is only one portion of the graphic elements of a true brand, the brand promise is the key to … Continue reading An Epic Brand Promise

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You Can’t Brand Without It…

In retail marketing, effectively positioning a new product can be done unilaterally and seamlessly by the marketing team, with a glitzy marketing campaign rolled out to the marketplace quickly and efficiently. But higher education is different. We have a history of involving faculty in decision-making. At many institutions, this protocol extends to making sure staff, … Continue reading You Can’t Brand Without It…

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