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Share your 2016 #EDUholidays

Hang the greens, light the campus Menorah, get the Santa hat on your leadership, wrap the mascot, light the fireworks and let’s get in the holiday spirit! If your school, college, or university created a video or greeting of some kind for any or all of the holidays in between and including Thanksgiving 2016 and New Years 2017, we want to see it!

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Leading Edge

Marketing to the next generation is not the same as marketing to millennials. Gen z or Generation Edge has a new outlook on everything and needs to be marketed to in new and exciting ways.

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Reining in Rogue Marketers

Have you seen the cloud chatter about “rogue marketers” on higher ed campuses? Popular buzz. Common problem. What can be done to rein them in? Everyone knows a “rogue” dean or director who takes marketing matters into their own hands by creating renegade logos, failing to follow brand guidelines, building a different look and feel … Continue reading Reining in Rogue Marketers

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