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Wake Up and Smell The Competition

Times have been tough, but if the articles floating around lately are any indication of things to come, they will only get tougher. Competition is about to get more fierce. In the U.K., marketing expenditures are proposed to increase to almost 20% of total revenue in the next 12 months. That is quite of lot of money to spend on marketing compared to what many public universities in the U.S. spend and it is about on par with what many U.S. for-profit universities spend. Competition is heating up!

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The University Debt Crisis: It’s Not Just Students Facing a Financial Headache (Guest)

Universities have been spending like students in a bar who think a Rockefeller will pick up the tab. How are they are paying for all this? Undoubtedly many of the bigger universities use endowment earnings and alumni donations to cover at least some of the costs, but for the most part, these veritable spending sprees are funded by tuition fees. Also, it is clearly unsustainable for tuition fees to continue to rise faster than the student’s ability to pay them. Universities need to act and they need to act now.

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