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Brand Buzz Without Advertising

If you don’t have a robust ad budget – and these days lots of institutions fall into this category – no need to worry, complain, or throw your hands up in frustration. You can create a powerful brand and plenty of buzz without advertising. It’s the icing – now, I like icing I’ll admit, and … Continue reading Brand Buzz Without Advertising

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Freaky Friday Tactics

Ever watch the Freaky Friday movies? Either the original from 1976 with Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster or the 2003 remake with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan? What about the 1988 film, Vice Versa, with Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage? No, I am not going to do a movie review, but they all have … Continue reading Freaky Friday Tactics

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The Community and the Campus

How is your school interacting with the surrounding local community? We all know business leaders are concerned about job creation and training for the local economy, but many don’t know about the services available to the general community. There are numerous opportunities available for the community to come onto campus for a whole host of … Continue reading The Community and the Campus

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