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Mannequin Challenge & Viral Fads

We see them and love them. Viral fads are an important aspect of today’s marketing environment. Learn how to correctly implement them into your brand strategy by following these best practices.

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Timing Is Of The Essence

QUESTION: When searching for marketing inspiration, our department comes across funny images, video, etc. online everyday. I can’t tell you how many college and university sponsored Harlem Shake videos I’ve seen. Is it worth it to take advantage of memes and upload our own institution’s version?

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Getting Eyeballs on your Stories

While it has been months since the successful Old Spice social media campaign, we’re guessing you may have heard almost all you can handle on the subject. However, one of the highlights we shared in our blog post on the subject, is how Old Spice had to somehow initially attract attention from the get-go. Here’s a short list of ways to attract attention:

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