8th Annual International Brand Master Nominees

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The following nominees (listed in alphabetical order by last name) have exemplified exceptional achievement in education brand management. They have been recognized by peers and colleagues through their nomination for the 8th Annual International Brand Master Award. We congratulate all of the nominees for this well-deserved recognition, and for being a part of the International Brand Master Award competition. The judges will review supporting information supplied by the nominees. An announcement of the three finalists will be made on Monday March 20, 2017. Public voting of the three finalists will take place until Friday March 31, 2017, so be sure to check back and vote! The 8th Annual International Brand Master Award winner will be announced the week of April 11, 2017.

Mandy Alegnani/Jason Groves

Director of Marketing/Chief Marketing Officer at Abilene Christian University

We are nominating Mandy and Jason as co-nominees due to their fierce commitment to collaboration to help Abilene Christian University (ACU) create an inclusive brand that served all beneficiaries—traditional students, online students, alumni, faculty, staff, and donors. Mandy came from the nontraditional side, and Jason represented the traditional side of the institution. Through their collaboration, they developed a brand that reflected ACU’s commitment to being inclusively Christian.

Scott Christensen

Director, Marketing and Communication at Western Sydney University

Scott was crucial in the rebranding of the University of Western Sydney into Western Sydney University. The ‘Unlimited’ advertising campaign accompanying the name change made the transition a huge success. A new logo alongside a refreshed brand attitude and voice made the university more relevant to the incoming wave of students and an international audience.

Nicole Gesualdo

Senior Director of Strategy at Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business

Nicole led her Gabelli School of Business team through a strategic rebranding over the past few years, which finally launched in 2016. The process began with a merging of undergraduate and graduate business schools, led to many rounds of research, a new branding campaign, and launch. The campaign rolled out in NYC subways, NYC billboards, digital and online ads and SEM, and other unique outlets such as PR stunts and Spotify. The brand campaign can also be seen throughout the building.

Kyle Henley

Vice President of University Communications at University of Oregon

The ‘Throw Your O’ campaign for the University of Oregon has improved campus relations with current students while showcasing the school’s newly donated Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact. Kyle’s support and continuation of the campaign allows prospective students to gain insight into the school and what it means to be a duck!

Will Kopp

Chief Communications Officer at Ohio Wesleyan University

Will Kopp has led several major initiatives that are transforming the brand awareness and perception of Ohio Wesleyan University. After two years of declining enrollment, he led the development and implementation of a bold brand message and design platform based on metaphor rather than slogan. At the same time, he led the full redesign and rebuilding of OWU’s website, built almost entirely by his 7-member department. Enrollment for the 2016 class rose 12%, and 2017 applications are up further.

Kim Lawrence

Associate Vice President, Marketing at University of Calgary

Kim has built our marketing function and our brand from scratch. She started as our 1st AVP of Marketing in 2012 and has built an amazing team of ~20 marketers, a 3-year institutional marketing strategy which unifies our campus, the UCalgary “energize” brand and an institutional visual identity. In 2016, we saw amazing results of these efforts: 25% jump in likelihood to recommend UCalgary, refreshed ucalgary.ca, 50th anniv celebrations: ucalgarycelebrates.ca, national marketing campaign launch.

Paul Mylrea

Director of Communications at University of Cambridge

Paul’s ability to utilize the University of Cambridge’s extensive research materials and integrate them into marketing messaging is simply amazing. The University’s ideal candidates are those looking for the best education globally and intense academic rigor. By strategically alternating messages of campus life and university research, Paul manages to reach and influence that audience. This innovative, inbound marketing approach to educational marketing sets him apart from the competition.

Jeff Nesmith

Digital Marketing Producer at Saigon South International School

Jeff leads the production of videos, social media, and website design at SSIS. His dynamic approach to the SSIS brand has taken the school’s visibility to the next level. SSIS is constantly innovating—from the facilities to the curriculum—and Jeff curates the SSIS brand to keep up with that pace. He keeps the SSIS story alive, and potential students, parents, and teachers are always curious to see what’s next at SSIS because of his work.

Sara Quist

Senior Director, Lifecycle Marketing and Communications at Babson College

Sara was integral in the planning and execution of the Entrepreneurship of All Kinds campaign for Babson University. Her desire to showcase a well-developed narrative along with stunning creative and engaging copy made this campaign an incredible success. Sara’s ability to integrate the campaign across their digital, social, and traditional marketing channels made this an outstanding educational ad campaign.

Heather Swain

Vice President for Communications and Brand Strategy at Michigan State University

Heather Swain has been with MSU since 2006, as Assistant VP of University Relations. In 2012, her job title changed to the VP for Comm and Brand Strategy. The campaign “Spartans Will” began in 2010 and is still active today. The content on this page (http://msutoday.msu.edu/spartanswill/) is powered through a social curation site. Utilizing this function they are disseminating videos through social channels and effectively spreading their brand message.