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A New Kind of Webinar? Let’s Talk!

Bob Brock

Did you catch the March edition of Brand Bounce?

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The latest issue has a useful tip on how to market “affordability” without damaging your brand.  It invites readers to sign up for a free real-time Web conversation on the topic (on Thursday April 1, 3:00 PM EST).  The discussion will be informative, I’m sure, but the real news here may be the idea of experimenting with a different kind of webinar.

The idea is to hold a conversation-based session on a specific subject with interested and equal professionals from different institutions, different areas.

I’m envisioning something radically different than the old-fashioned “webinar” where people tend to doze off listening to some “expert” drone on.  Conversation.  Dialogue.  Back-and-forth.  Different viewpoints.  A range of ideas.  Wow, what a concept!

The discussion will take place on Thursday April 1 at 3:00 pm EST. If the topic appeals of talking over the “affordability” issue in marketing, express your interest by leaving a comment below or emailing us here, and we’ll email you the details.

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  1. I think that’s a great concept. With so many changes happening in both marketing communications and higher ed, a breadth of perspectives is bound to yield better quality insights than a single expert.

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