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Mobile Apps

Stephen Biernacki

With the increased usage of 3G phones like the Droid, Blackberry, and iPhone comes the increased usage of mobile apps. Here are a couple of our favorite to keep an eye on.

  • eBuddy: chat on Facebook, gtalk, and more. Conveniently keeps you logged in even when you exit the app so you can receive push notifications.
  • CameraBag: don’t dig out your old Polaroid camera, you can get that effect and many others with this app.
  • Kindle: OK, so you probably can’t read a whole book on your iPhone, but you can read some of it. No actual Kindle required.
  • haveapeek: it delivers the latest marketing, design trends, and how-to articles to your phone.
  • AdAge Latest News: up-to-the-minute stories from Latest News; Digital and DigitalNext; Mediaworks; Agency News; Global News; and CMO Strategy.
  • DropBox: online storage, customization, and file sharing.
  • Digg: it is new, so once the bugs are sorted out, it should be a wonderful app.

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