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Twitter for Advancement

Gabe the Pug

QUESTION: Our vice president of advancement has started a Twitter page. Is this a good thing?

ANSWER: Absolutely! But only if it is done appropriately and strategically. There are administrators who spit out rhetoric, continuously bark out how great their school is, and utilize ghost writers to tweet for them.

On the other hand, there are administrators that do interactively discuss online, and take on the responsibility personally. The new Webster University President, Dr. Elizabeth Stroble (@websterpres), for example, does an excellent job of communicating with her followers both in St. Louis and around the world. She utilizes Twitter to its fullest, includes images, and also connects conversations to Facebook, all with style and personality. Her strategy – personally connect with influencers who are important to
Webster University.

So before your administrator uses social networking, be sure they know why they are doing it and how they will acheive their social networking goals.

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