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CONTENT CURATION: Making Information Meaningful Again

Ineke Caycedo
VP, Brand Development

With an average of 600 tweets per second; 900,000 blog posts per day; 13 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every hour; and 700,000,000 photos uploaded to Facebook monthly, if your brain isn’t already screaming information overload it shortly will be! Visit here for more mind-blowing web stats.

Enter the age of content curation. Blogging, tweeting, posting have given us all the ability to create content in ever increasing volume and cleverly constructed web apps allow us to aggregate that mountain of content. What’s missing is the human filter. While aggregators do a great job of pulling together content based basic parameters, these applications cannot discern whether the substance of that content is meaningful. That’s where the curator comes in, adding an ability to discern the elements of aggregated content that are meaningful to audiences.

Why’s that important to marketers? For four reasons:

  1. Creating content to keep your web fresh and audiences engaged requires a lot of resources.
  2. Finding and featuring content related to the information you generate will elevate the visibility of your own content on the web through improved search – so, for example, you have a researcher that’s just identified the gene related to a certain type of cancer and several science bloggers, and JAMA have just published articles about that type of cancer. Posting excerpts and links to those articles gets the “electronic” attention of search engines. 
  3. Contextualizing your content by putting it with interesting content from other sources, elevates the credibility of what you have to say.
  4. More importantly, it is a powerful way to engage your audiences.

Here are three great blogs on content curation and how you can use it to your advantage.

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