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Trendsetters Going Back to the Future

Ineke Caycedo
VP, Brand Development

Change is coming on us like a freight train. Increasingly, marketers need to delve into strategies that transcend communications yet are critical to keeping institutions competitive. Are you helping your organization:

  • Carve out a niche leadership position based on compelling “distinctives”?
  • Use data to identify opportunities to grow market share?
  • Use new communications platforms to engage audiences?
  • Build and promote diverse revenue streams?
  • Quantify customer service benchmarks and outcomes?
  • Create targeted online and blended academic programs?
  • Maximize financial aid to achieve economic stability?
  • Guide organizational change to increase operational efficiency?

Some of these are conventional marketing skills (#1-3 above). But others (#4-8, above) are management talents that may be new territory. Innovative marketers are problem-solvers who tackle all four “P’s” of traditional marketing: Product, Price, Place, & Promotion. Read more about how the trendsetters are going back to the future to forge a groundbreaking style of marketing.

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