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Web Development Resources

Travis Brock
Director of Business Development

One of the ways to start a project is to check out best practices and available resources, especially if it is for web development. It is an easy way to find out what others have tried and have observed. Here are some resources that will help save you some time.

  • a one-stop source for government web designers on making websites more usable, useful, and accessible.
  • IBM developerWorks: a Web-based professional network and resource for technical content, trial code, and forums.
  • Webmonkey: a wiki with contributions from the developer community with a large code library, tutorials, and references.
  • W3 Schools: the site holds code examples, quizzes, tutorials, and reference guides for all experience levels.
  • Smashing Magazine: emphasizes design development, dynamic HTML technologies, template coding, and development software.

* EMG does not endorse any specific websites or applications. Use at your own risk.

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