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Creative Evolution Times Two

Ineke Caycedo
VP, Brand Development

Yep, your brand needs to stay vibrant, but you miss a big opportunity if you change the creative framework every time you need a refresh. Consider creative evolution.

Instead of tossing existing designs out the window, keep your image fresh while you build continuity and brand recognizability by tweaking and evolving designs, headlines, and copy. Saves time and money, too!

It may be a surprise, but research with teens shows that they prefer brand continuity over non-stop change. It’s reassuring and conveys stability and purpose.

Here’s an example of creative evolution of posters by Adam’s State College (CO). Original design on left was created in 2001; evolutions in middle (2003) and right (2005) kept the brand framework and design concepts intact, yet gave a fresh look and feel to the brand.

ASC Evolution

Evolution works as long as your audiences say it does – usually 3-5 years. (You’re testing the creative, aren’t you?) By then you’ll likely need a complete re-do.

Creative evolution also works when creating campaigns for new audiences. When taking the brand to influencers, for example, don’t start from scratch. Instead, evolve the recruitment designs by using a muted color palette, mature photography, toned down design elements, and tone.

See examples on how it’s done.

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