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Time for Positivity

Travis Brock
Director of Business Development

Last Friday I had a tech support person from Dell come by and spend several hours fixing numerous issues with my laptop. He was there until 5:45pm on a Friday and was hard at work the whole time. I was impressed. I asked the tech for a phone number so I could call someone to give him a positive note. Just this morning I called Dell, at the number provided, to give the tech a thank you.

The person on the other end of the line was giggling a little like I was a fool for calling to give the tech a compliment. I left the needed information so my note could get back to the tech and I was left with an insincere closing of “we always appreciate end users giving us positive feedback” as she was holding back an extra giggle.

I, of course, had opportunity to think about this. It seems like we are so busy that many of us only have time to provide negative feedback and complaints over the phone or over social media, that time for positive compliments is next to zero and it is almost alien to give a compliment. In many places it is very few and far between that many receive an “attaboy” or “attagirl.”  It also feels like many things going on in the world are negative.

It is good to give people the recognition and appreciation they deserve. Give folks around you a pat on the back for a job well done. Pay it forward!

EMG is giving those in higher ed marketing a very accessible opportunity to provide some positivity and recognition to yourself or your fellow higher ed marketing colleagues anywhere in the world. It is easy and you absolutely won’t get giggled at in the process. The nominees will be given a tremendous amount of admiration and recognition from their peers.

All nominees will have a chance to join the prestigious club of past International Brand Masters. Past Masters include  Andrew Careaga, Director of Communications at Missouri University of Science and Technology and John Lichtenberg, Chief Marketing & Enrollment Officer at Walsh College.

If, for some reason, no one comes to mind for this momentous occasion, here are some easy ways to spread the word so your higher ed marketing colleagues may be able to spread the good vibes of a nomination. You can invite friends to “attend” this Facebook or this LinkedIn event, pass along this blog, write your own blog, tweet, +1, etc. I think you get the idea.

Also, I want to send some positive thoughts and thanks to the following folks:

Have a wonderful and safe long Thanksgiving weekend!

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