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CCCS: $3.01 Billion Worth of Economic Impact

Stephen Biernacki

The results of a study (full press release here), revealed last week by Colorado Community College System (CCCS) President Dr. Nancy McCallin, showed the total economic impact of the 13 colleges in the system was an amazing $3.01 billion. Community college students in Colorado see an 11% rate of return on the money they invested. And of course the positive news extends beyond students. According to the study, taxpayers receive $1.70 for every $1 that is spent.

Bob Brock and Marlene Brock of EMG were even on hand for the announcement, which 9NEWS includes a shot of in the video addressing the study below. It’s not easy, but if you know what they look like, you may be able to spot them. Hint… they’re in the front row!

The audio snippet from the CCCS President below is notable. She says the study demonstrates to current college students that their investment in their education will be worth it. The same message goes for high school students thinking about attending college.

Via the press release, here are some other key thoughts from the announcement, courtesy of President McCallin:

“The results of this study clearly demonstrate the value of community colleges to the students, the taxpayers, and businesses in Colorado. As our students earn their higher education, they become more employable, they are paid better, and can then afford to invest in the kinds of products and services to improve their lives,” said McCallin. “Additionally, businesses benefit by having higher skilled employees, thus enabling them to grow, hire more employees, and strengthen the economy.

“We are pleased that the results of the study show that community colleges are a wise investment of taxpayer and student money because the return is substantial,” she added. “There is the added benefit of community colleges offering educational opportunities for individuals who otherwise might not have them because of our affordability, accessibility, and flexibility.”

The impressive economic impact in Colorado coincides with an another study recently released in which the United States ranked first among all countries in terms of higher education. Universitas 21, a network of 24 universities and colleges, developed a system to rank countries’ national education systems to assist policy makers with identifying strengths and weaknesses of their national educational systems.

On behalf of the entire EMG team, I want to say congratulations to each one of the colleges in the Colorado Community College System! Seeing the positive financial impact they are bringing to the state of Colorado, it’s a very proud time for all of them. EMG is incredibly fortunate to be working with an organization as influential as CCCS!

All of this begs the following question of our readers: do you know what kind of impact your institution has on your state and local communities?

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