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Social Media and Retention: Recap of #EMchat

Travis Brock
Director of Business Development

Steve took part in a great follow-up discussion as featured guest for the weekly #EMchat Twitter discussion. Steve mentioned a lot of advise and gave out numerous resources. I (Travis), peaked in toward the end of the conversation. Last night was the continuation of, not one, but two conversations that started back in July regarding the use of Facebook and Twitter for recruiting in higher ed. This chat was more toward the use of social media and retention of current students. The chat was led by moderators and founders of #EMchat Alex Williams and Jennielle Strother.

Lots of excellent responses were shared as we discussed 6 primary questions:

  1. Is your institution currently using SM in its retention efforts?
  2. Do you see value in using social media as a pathway to increasing retention? Or, what is the greatest value?
  3. Aside from simply connecting with students, how else do you envision SM being used on campuses?
  4. How do (or can) you see effectiveness of SM on retention?
  5. What apps or programs are out there that focus on utilizing SM in retention?
  6. What recommendations do you have for institutions looking to enhance their retention efforts on the SM front?

You can view the entire transcript of the discussion below. There is great feedback from many people regarding these questions.

Keep an eye on the #EMchat schedule for future intriguing discussions.

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