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Beyond Paid Advertising on Spotify

Stephen Biernacki

We’ve written about advertising on Spotify before. However, there are more ways that your college or university can make an impact on Spotify aside from paying for one of the diverse ad formats. There is a more organic brand engagement opportunity available, especially to those institutions who have strong music programs or with marching bands (which makes up a lot of institutions). For example, were you aware The Ohio State University Marching Band has a profile on Spotify? So does the UCLA Bruin Marching Band.

In fact, if you search “university” or “college” you’ll see plenty of results. Whether you have a marching band, choir, symphonic band, orchestral band, musical performers – it doesn’t necessarily matter, you’ll get your name in front of people on Spotify – an entirely new avenue – and if you make some attempts at promotion, who knows how many people outside of your immediate audience might hear the band’s music through shares and search. Also, now users can follow you and you could put a follow button on your website. Having music available on a streaming service is one of the more unique ways for a brand to make a connection, especially since we all know that music is one of the strongest and more emotional ways to make an impact on someone. This is certainly the case when communicating with teenagers.

What Else Can Be Done On Spotify?
There aren’t a ton of action steps but if you want to follow the outline above, your institution can join Spotify as an artist. Here are some details on getting your music on Spotify. Heck, your institution could sell merch through this venue, too. While it does fit into the paid spectrum and is not inexpensive. it’s tough to make more of an impact on any platform than utilizing Spotify’s Advertiser Pages, which are hosted by an external URL and can contain the same kind of content you’d put on a webpage: videos, clickable images, blogs, news, links, comments, and more. Yep, it’s a microsite within Spotify.

With all of the above said, note that brand-specific profile pages are in the works and may be coming soon.

If your institution has the resources it could create branded applications centered around music. This is a daring endeavor because of the time commitment but it’s very realistic and I haven’t seen it done by a college or university. This would be an especially interesting idea for institutions who lean towards the arts as part of their DNA.

2 Replies to “Beyond Paid Advertising on Spotify”

  1. What about curated playlists?

    A couple of years ago, we ran an experiment related to a feature for our alumni magazine. That issue of the magazine was dedicated to America’s love and obsession with the automobile. As a fun way to get alumni to interact with us, we asked them, via social media and our alumni e-newsletter, to submit their favorite “car tunes” for a curated playlist. We got a pretty good response from our alumni. (Who doesn’t have a favorite car song?)

    At the time (Summer 2012) Spotify was still a little difficult to navigate unless you were on Facebook, and many of our alumni were not. So we posted the playlist on Grooveshark. (LOL. Remember Grooveshark?)

    Have a listen!

  2. Considering the time frame Grooveshark was completely appropriate, ha! I was never a heavy user but I see for the time being it’s still going strong.

    Having alumni submit their favorite songs was a great idea and it does look like you received a solid response; thank you for sharing. I should have definitely included curating playlists as a tactic as I’ve seen companies do it, but I can’t recall any colleges or universities (they’re surely out there).

    Thanks again for chiming in, Andy. Hopefully folks who read this post from this point forward take a look at your comment.

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