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Mobile Advertising: There’s an App for That!

Kelly Giles
Director of Marketing

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of holding a webinar for NCMPR on mobile advertising. Specifically, ads in mobile apps. I’m going to cover the top highlights of the 90 minute webinar just for you!

Why advertise in mobile apps? Because gobs of people spend gobs of time interacting with them. According to comScore’s 2016 Mobile App Report, U.S. adults 18+ spend an average of 73.8 hours every month interacting with smartphone apps (2016). That number goes up to 93.5 hours if we look at just adults 18-24!

Where to start?

For education, my top recommendations to consider are below.

  1. Facebook – Where else are you going to find usage rates like 79% of all U.S. internet users (PewInternet, 2016)? Combine that with an average of 13 hours monthly and you can see why this one gets my number one spot (comScore, 2016). Plus, Facebook offers sophisticated targeting options and ad products designed to match and accomplish marketing goals.
  2. Pandora Radio – If I was awarding superlatives for these apps, Pandora would win “Most Engaged Audience.” The customizable stations ensure that each user’s unique music tastes are reflected. Ad viewability is built into the interface and audio and video products allow for an expanded brand message.
  3. Instagram – Here we start to get into younger audiences. Instagram is a great platform for audiences under 35. In fact, 59% of internet users 18-29 are on Instagram (PewInternet, 2016). The visual nature of this social network means you’d better have some strong brand photography.
  4. Snapchat – This one is also for the even younger audiences, like traditional college prospects of 24 and under. In fact, Snapchat was rated the #1 most important social network among teens last spring  (Business Insider, 2016). It still has quite a few limitations regarding paid advertising, though. Tracking is lacking, minimums are high, and products are few. My recommendation, is to get into the geofilter game. Anyone can make a geofilter, and your school probably already has one! If staff didn’t design it, a student may have submitted their own design. I also highly recommend geofilters for scheduled events.

Want to expand past the top dogs? Use an app network. App networks include categories such as fitness, games, news, weather, utilities, etc. I recommend Google’s network, since I’m  partial to all things Google. This network reaches the most devices and the most apps, which builds a large reach for your mobile advertising campaign. There’s little chance that it will change ownership while you are advertising. Google also offers the opportunity to reach YouTube, Google Play Music, and Gmail – all realize very high usage.

One Last Caution

Consider your mobile advertising strategy, don’t forget your website’s user experience. Nothing will bounce users off your site faster than poor UX.

Think I missed your favorite app? Let me know in the comments.

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