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Ad Talk at NCMPR

Kelly Giles
Director of Marketing

I’m delighted to announce that Ineke Caycedo and I will be making the trek to Charleston, SC at the end of this month for for the annual National Council for Marketing & Public Relations (NCMPR) Conference! There will be a full agenda, and we are delighted to be hosting both a Preconference Intensive and three thirty-minute-each roundtables.

Stop by our table to chat, pick our brains, and enjoy some chocolate! And, don’t forget to join us at one of the following sessions:

Monday, March 27 1:00-4:00pm – Finding the Right Media Mix in a Muddled Marketplace

Sometimes, it seems like everywhere there is space, someone wants to sell that space as advertising. Many of you know this first-hand, because media sales reps for bus signs, news websites, the local high school football field, and your own forehead are calling you every day. Seriously, you can sell your forehead as advertising space with a temporary tattoo. (EMG disclaimer: we do not recommend foreheads as an integral education marketing tactic.)

Finding the right advertising platforms that will most effectively (and cost-efficiently!) reach and influence your target audiences today is no easy task. There are traditional channels to consider: television, cable, radio, transit, malls, theaters, newspapers, magazines, billboards and sponsorships, for starters. Add to that the confusing array of emerging digital advertising channels: search, content display, retargeting, Internet radio, mobile, in-app, video pre-roll, social media advertising.

Which ad platforms are best for your target demographic? How much should you allocate to each? How should you measure effectiveness? These questions, and more, will be addressed in this data-rich, interactive session on developing strategic and successful advertising plans. Discussion includes tools critical in planning and decision-making: audience demographics, reach and frequency, impressions, media measurements, and media spreadsheets. We will also devote time to investigating the specifics of each advertising platform.

Wednesday, March 29 1:15-3:00pm – Mobile Advertising: There’s an app for that!

Today, mobile apps are everywhere, from entertainment to gaming, security, communications and personal apps for work, leisure and life. There are apps that will wake you up early if your favorite ski resort had a got fresh snow overnight, ones that will remind you to drink more water, and even apps that will tell you when you have spent too much time using apps.

Americans – particularly those under 35 – spend hours every day interacting with their mobile phones, and less time with traditional platforms. They are less likely to watch the 5:00 newscast when they can pull up the CNN app on-demand on their phones. So, for many advertisers, in-app ads are a great tactic to integrate into your media mix. If you’re not marketing on mobile devices, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity.

Not all apps are created equal, though. For an overview of my top apps for education marketers to consider, check out my blog on the subject.

Of course, I don’t advocate for putting all your eggs in one basket. The right media mix is the topic of our pre-conference intensive, though, so no spoilers! In these 30-minute roundtable sessions, we’ll explore rapidly expanding marketing opportunities in mobile advertising, including what to look for in the mobile in-app space, how to speak “mobile,” and how to best engage audiences in this space.

Reserve your space at the conference here.

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