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Three Outstanding Finalists

Travis Brock
Director of Business Development

We are honored to announce the three amazing finalists for the 8th Annual International Brand Master Award (listed in alphabetical order by last name below). We are now asking for your help in determining the 8th Annual International Brand Master.  We conduct a public vote in order to see which college, university, or school can harness one of the great hidden powers of a brand. That power being its ability to mobilize support from those who believe in it.  Gauging the ability to mobilize brand support is a real-life, trial-by-fire test of brand internalization, mobilization, and how quickly/effectively brand advocates and constituents are spurred to action.


  • Will Kopp, Chief Communications Officer at Ohio Wesleyan University in the United States
  • Kim Lawrence, Associate Vice President, Marketing at University of Calgary in Canada
  • Paul Mylrea, Director of Communications at University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom

Read more about the finalist and vote for the winner.


While the three finalists above are extremely talented, the judges had a very tough time choosing only three from the pool of this year’s ten outstanding nominees. Congratulations to all of the nominees for being recognized by their peers and being apart of the competition. We hope to see your names show up again next year (listed in alphabetical order by last name).

  • Mandy Alegnani/Jason Groves, Director of Marketing/Chief Marketing Officer at Abilene Christian University in the United States
  • Scott Christensen, Director, Marketing and Communication at Western Sydney University in Australia
  • Nicole Gesualdo, Senior Director of Strategy at Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business in the United States
  • Kyle Henley, Vice President of University Communications at University of Oregon in the United States
  • Jeff Nesmith, Digital Marketing Producer at Saigon South International School in Vietnam
  • Sara Quist, Senior Director, Lifecycle Marketing and Communications at Babson College in the United States
  • Heather Swain, Vice President for Communications and Brand Strategy at Michigan State University in the United States

Find out more about the talented group of nominees by clicking here.


I can’t thank them enough and I have done so numerous times in emails, phone calls, and more. I would like to thank them one more time with a sincere thank you to the judges listed below for taking time out of their busy days to use their knowledge and expertise to judge the branding work of this year’s extraordinary group of nominees (listed in alphabetical order).

  • Shelly Brenckman: 7th Annual International Brand Master Winner and Marketing Coordinator at Texas A&M University Startup Aggieland in the United States
  • Michelle D’Antoni: Manager Global Communications at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia
  • Claudia Jackson: Executive Director, Strategic Communication and Government Relations at Del Mar College in the United States
  • Laura Montgomery: Director of Academic Program Marketing at The New School in the United States
  • Tracy Playle: CEO and Communications Strategist at Utterly Content Ltd and Pickle Jar Communications Ltd in the United Kingdom

Read more about this year’s judges.

All the best to all of the nominees! We hope to see your name appear in future International Brand Master competitions. Good luck to the finalists during the public vote!

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    1. Thank you Kurt for your interest in voting for Mr. Kopp. Please see the methods above for making your vote part of the official tally.

    1. Thank you Ibrahim for your interest in voting for Mr. Kopp. Please see the methods above for making your vote part of the official tally.

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