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Last Year’s #EDUholidays, Send This Year’s

Travis Brock
Director of Business Development

The #EDUholidays tradition continues and it keeps getting bigger.  It is time to get in the holiday spirit and share your school’s holiday cheer. Take a look at last year’s collection. Then, find out how to share in the holiday tradition below.

Last Year’s Collection

Still trying to figure out what to do for your holiday greeting? We collected over 110 holiday messages from last year and categorized them into several of the more popular categories – special features, greetings from the campus, holiday performances, holiday lessons, and animated fun. Pay attention to the embedded videos as they are the ones that stuck out from last year.

Special Features

These videos broke the mold from the other videos this last year. They have an extra festive specialness all their own.

Colorful holiday computer-based drawing.

Greetings from the Campus

This is, by far, the most popular category.  Holidays are one of the few times to bring a diverse group of staff, students, the mascot, faculty, and administrators together from around the campus. Compared to the other categories, it is also a relatively easy type of video to create.

Holiday Performances

The holidays are filled with music and the holidays are a good time to showcase the schools musical and theatrical abilities. While there is some overlap with greetings, the performances takes the focus.

Holiday Lessons

The holiday season is that of giving and sharing. Whether the video is sharing knowledge or demonstrate giving in action, there are several lessons of the holidays.

Animated Fun

Holidays are also known for their animated and fun feeling. Academia puts their own spin on it with their own animation or similar process.

Share This Year’s #EDUHolidays Tradition

For the 6th year in a row, we want you to share your holiday spirit! If your school, college, or university created a video or greeting of some kind for any or all of the holidays in between and including Thanksgiving 2017 and New Years 2018, we want to see it! Share your academic holiday greeting at:

Don’t be a Grinch! Share the #EDUholidays spirit and send this blog, the Facebook event, and #EDUholidays hashtag to your education marketing colleagues so they can participate too. We will post them over the holidays on Twitter and place them in a blog similar to this one. Happy #EDUholidays!

See more #EDUholidays from previous years.

While You’re Here, Nominate!

Also, while you are here, stop by and nominate an outstanding education brand marketer for the 9th Annual International Brand Master Award.

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